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Selling your home #3: Preparing Your Home

After you’ve hired your realtor, the next step will be to start preparing your home to sell. Preparing your home for sale can be one of the most overwhelming parts of selling. You want to make your house look like someone else’s dream home. Visuals are very important. Preparing your home involves: Repairing everything you know of that’s broken and fixing the little cosmetic things buyers may notice. You may also want to get a contractor to check any major systems you suspect could have an issue. You want buyers to be able to see themselves and their things in the house, they can’t do that if it feels like your house. Decluttering is the first step in packing up to leave. Consider renting a storage unit for the stuff until you move. Stage your house. This is one step beyond the decluttering, and cleaning.This is when you set up your house to show off its assets and downplay its weaknesses. Usually this process includes moving furniture and making your house look as perfect as a photo in a décor magazine.